City Tour

A driving tour 45 miles long narrating the contributions of the French, Spanish, American, Irish, Italians, Greeks, Germans and Native Americans from the 1700s to the present in New Orleans. See the French Quarter (Vieux Carre), Jackson Square, historic St. Louis Cathedral, the Cabildo, French Market and Farmer's Market. Take a walking tour of the City of the Dead with its above ground burial tombs. Ride through City Park and stop for refreshments at The Casino (tourist stop). Drive by Bayou St. John. See Lake Pontchartrain. Proceed through the American section of the city and see the mansions on St. Charles Ave. and the University section. Tour the Garden District.

This tour will take you uptown, downtown, back-of-town and front-of-town before returning from you destination!



Black Heritage Tour

Black Heritage Tour is incorporated into the traditional city tour with added emphasis on numerous Black achievers and their accomplishments. Extensive research has been done on over 50 topics of interest. You are exposed to the entire city while absorbing the Black culture that contributes to the fabric that is New Orleans.

Platinum Coaches offers what no other city tour does. We invite you to start your day with a tour that covers over 45 miles of our fascinating city. The evolution from French to Spanish to American has left a colorful and cultural atmosphere for all to enjoy. Experience some of the unique Black Heritage of New Orleans. Hear the history of free people of color, slaves, Negro iron workers, Sisters of the Holy Family, Black Indians, jazz musicians, voodoo, our first Black governor and the Black Republicans of 1865. See Congo Square, Louis Armstrong Park and Marie Laveau's tomb. Many of the stories, the music and folklore of Louisiana are based on the experiences of slave and their descendants.

Baton Rouge Tour

Driving through the parishes - see sugarcane fields, antebellum mansions, the mighty old Mississippi River and Baton Rouge. Tour Louisiana's old State Capitol, the Cabaret for Political and Governmental History, built between the years of 1847-1849. Tour the Rural Life Museum, located on the 450 acre Burden Research Plantation. The museum, includes twenty building spread over five acres and divided into three areas - the barn, the working plantation and the folk architecture.


Plantation Tours

View seven plantations: Laura Plantation, Felecité, Josephine, Oak Alley Plantation, Gone With the Wind, Whitney, Evergreen and Destrehan Creole Plantation built in the 1870s. The West African folk tales of Compair Lapin, better known as Br'er Rabbit, were first recorded in America.



Cajun Swamp Tour

The real Cajun Swamp Tour people are talking about. "A Hidden Treasure" visits a Trading Post. Tour a French Cajun Village, discover beautiful bayous and swamps. Louisiana flat-bottomed boats will take you into the swamp where you will see how the land and the water are inhabited. Upon disembarking on an island in the area, you will be treated to authentic Cajun music. You may choose to have lunch at a Cajun restaurant. You will be given an opportunity to tour an alligator farm and alligator head factory. Meet the French speaking Cajuns and experience their way of living. The bayou swamp is also uniquely rich in Native American and Black History. It also adds up to a unique and enjoyable visit into a part of Louisiana's heritage which very few have seen before.

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